Sewer Pump Station Refurbishments

McRobert Contracting Services has developed and patented a structural relining method for the refurbishment of sewer pump stations that suffer from biogenic sulphide corrosion, more commonly known as “gas attack”. 

Our Process

Using a minimum 12mm rigid PVC sheeting, preformed to required specifications in our factory, the original asset is rebuilt from the inside out to protect it from any further deterioration. 

The preformed lining is installed and secured to the original asset walls using a minimum 40mm of grout. The grout not only secures the lining in place, it also rebuilds what concrete has already deteriorated. 

The use of the 40mm grout to rebuild the internal concrete surfaces of the structure ensures that the structural integrity is maintained, while the rigid PVC provides corrosion protection to the asset.

Other Services

Other services that MCS can provide during the refurbishment process include:

  • Replacement of damaged pipework and mechanical components.
  • Retrofitting of new pump station lids.
  • Removal of components that are obsolete (including steps, ladders and brackets).

Sewer pump station refurbishments before and after gallery

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Our SPS Relining Process

Existing Top Slab in Place

1. Existing Top Slab in Place

Bypass Pump Operating

2. Bypass Pump Operating

Excavate Around Slab for Removal

3. Excavate Around Slab for Removal

Removing Top Slab

4. Removing Top Slab

Top Slab Removed

5. Top Slab Removed

Install steel mesh safety cover

6. Install Steel Mesh Safety Cover

Remove Pipes, Valves, Fittings

7. Remove Pipes, Valves, Fittings

Start Plastic Lining at Bench Level

8. Start Plastic Lining at Bench Level

Continue Plastic Lining

9. Continue Plastic Lining

Plastic Lining Continues to top

10. Plastic Lining Continues to top

New Plastic Lined Top Slab

11. New Plastic Lined Top Slab

New Top Slab in Place

12. New Top Slab in Place

Plastic Lining Completed

13. Plastic Lining Completed

Pipework & Fittings Replaced

14. Pipework & Fittings Replaced

Back in Operation

15. Back in Operation

MCS Whaler System - Patent No AU2014250707

Our patented whaler system eliminates the need to use complicated formwork and bracing systems that may be large, heavy and expensive during the refurbishment process. The whaler system simply takes advantage of the strength of the rigid PVC lining by using it as the formwork while the grout is being poured.

The whalers are secured to the original concrete wall with fixings through the PVC lining holding it in place. Once the grout has cured, the whalers then are removed and can be re-used over and over again. The remaining fixing holes in the PVC lining are then capped and welded ensuring a gas tight seal.

This method makes it possible to structuraly reline assets of many different shapes and sizes without the need for various sets of formwork/bracing.

Lakeside Video

Karloo Video

SPS Refurbishments

50 Year Guarantee

McRobert Contracting Services
50 year guarantee for the plastic lining of utilities access chambers and sewer pump stations.

Provided no physical damage or prolonged exposure to UV occurs in the future, PVC linings should last well in excess of 100 years.

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