Corrigin Sewer Pump Station

Conversion and refurbishment

Located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, McRobert Contracting Services were contracted to complete a conversion and refurbishment of a Type 2 sewerage pumping station in Corrigin, including demolition of the existing structure and structural relining of the internal walls. 

Project Details

Client: Water Corporation of WA

Location: Corrigin, WA

Duration: 2015

Project Background

Built originally in the 1960’s, Corrigin SPS had seen better days. Although the concrete walls of the pump station were in sound condition, there was significant deterioration in the top section of the pump station and the building above had been condemned.

What did we do?

The contract involved the demolition of the existing building and support structures, and removal of all internal mechanical components and fixtures.

This pump station was then converted from a wet and dry well arrangement, to become a wet well only; more than doubling the overall capacity of the pump station.

The walls and soffit of the remaining structure were then structurally relined using 12mm PVC as per the MCS whaler system patent (check out how we do this here). A new precast PVC lined top slab was installed, along with odour control equipment and all new internal mechanical components.

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Left unchecked corrosion can lead to eventual system failure.

SPS Refurbishments

Using our patented whaler technique, the original asset is rebuilt from the insi…

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Corrigin Sewer Pump Lid Installation
50 Year Guarantee

McRobert Contracting Services
50 year guarantee for the plastic lining of utilities access chambers and sewer pump stations.

Provided no physical damage or prolonged exposure to UV occurs in the future, PVC linings should last well in excess of 100 years.

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