Access Chamber Refurbishments

McRobert Contracting Services has developed a unique patented method of structurally relining access chambers which suffer from biogenic sulphide corrosion, more commonly known as ‘gas attack’ or ‘concrete cancer’.

PVC Lining

Using a minimum 10mm rigid PVC sheeting, the chamber walls are prefabricated into sleeves which can then be lowered into place directly into the asset. MCS also prefabricates the PVC channel and benching components which are then plastic welded into place in the chamber.

After Installation

After installation, the preformed sleeves, channels and benching are secured to the original asset using a minimum 40mm of high strength grout. MCS relines access chambers from top to bottom including pipe connections, channel and benching resulting in a 100% gas tight structural PVC lining. This ensures complete protection of the asset from concrete deterioration. Replacement of asset top slab and lid can also be performed at this time if required.

Relining Methodologies

Our relining methodologies have been developed to ensure we maintain a safe working environment that enables us to complete each task more efficiently, while spending the minimum amount of time in the chamber. For the client, this also equates to less time spent in labour onsite, as well as minimising additional costs such as bypassing and traffic management.

Manhole Chamber Refurbishment

Manhole Refurbishment Before and Afters

Access Chamber Refurbishments Brochure

Access chamber refurbishments before and after gallery

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50 Year Guarantee

McRobert Contracting Services
50 year guarantee for the plastic lining of utilities access chambers and sewer pump stations.

Provided no physical damage or prolonged exposure to UV occurs in the future, PVC linings should last well in excess of 100 years.

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